The Trail of Tears
Lesson #2:  The Indian Removal Act, The Treaty of New Echota, and Cherokee v Georgia


-to analyze primary documents focusing on the forced relocation of the Cherokee tribe by the federal government

-to further comprehension of The Indian Removal Act

-to apply knowledge of the Worcester v Georgia case by analyzing each side and forming an opinion


Computers with internet access


Students will be directed to the computer lab, where they will each have their own computer with internet access.  There, they will review three primary sources regarding the Indian Removal Act ( and answer the assigned questions. 

·         Under the Indian Removal Act (1830), read The Indian Removal Act 1830.rtf and answer questions 2-4.

·         Under Worcester v. Georgia (1832), read 'Worcester v Georgia.rtf and answer question 1 and the first three questions in #2.

·         Under the Treaty of New Echota (1835), read The Treaty of New Echota 1835.rtf and answer questions 1-3.

Evaluation and Assessment

Students will write an essay in which they state their opinion on the Worcester v Georgia case and defend their position using facts about the case.