The Trail of Tears
Lesson #3:  The Trail of Tears


-to examine the issue of Cherokee removal from the perspectives of Andrew Jackson, members of Congress, and members of the Cherokee nation

-to analyze primary documents in order to form and defend an opinion


Computers with internet access


-The class will be divided into four groups.  Each group will examine documents and gather information on their viewpoint's arguments and position on the question of removing the Cherokees. Group A will take the side of President Andrew Jackson, Group B will take the side of the Members of Congress opposed to the Indian Removal Act, Group C will take the side of the Members of Congress supporting the Indian Removal Bill, and Group D will take the side of the members of the Cherokee nation.

-Each group will be assigned a computer and will be directed to the following web page: 

-Students will follow the directions of this activity which will result in a debate with their classmates over the issue of Cherokee removal.

Evaluation and Assessment 

Students will be graded on the validity of their arguments as well as their contribution to the group.